Tuesday, June 24, 2008

TWD: Mixed Berry Cobbler

I think this was the first time I didn't have some kind of accident when baking for TWD. I'd begun to wonder what happened to my baking skills -- I haven't taken anything to work since the key lime coconut pie.

YUM, YUM, YUM!!! I made a double batch and took it to work. A co-worker immediately asked one of his staff if she'd go out and get ice cream -- and she did! It really made the dish.

I have to admit that all these lovely juices did not thicken up. I think it was because the berries were frozen and the cornstarch wouldn't stick to it. There were no complaints and it went very well over the ice cream. And everyone just loved the crust.
Of course, I had to make a mini for myself, to make sure it tasted all right before I foisted it off on my co-workers. It did.
Thank you Beth of Our Sweet Life for picking this dessert. I think I have about 1/4 cup heavy cream left.

Monday, June 16, 2008

TWD : Cream Puff Ring

I have to admit, I didn't think the mint thing sounded all that good. I infused with lemon peel and vanilla bean instead. Besides, I wanted to add berries since I missed making the pie last week. Also, I just used water for the choux pastry (I've never heard of using milk in it before). Still, in reading everyone's comments, I had the same problem; the ring didn't puff and was soggy inside although the puffs were just fine. It is so reassuring to find out that I'm not the only one who had this problem.

Choux pastry is a little like magic, isn't it? The first time I made cream puffs, I just knew as I was putting the pans in the oven that there was no way those flat little blobs were going to become golden brown, air-filled, well, puffs. Magic!

This is a picture of the cook's treat -- as soon as I finish this posting, these puffs are going to be history. What is it about choux pastry and whipped cream anyway -- they make each other taste better.

And speaking of whipped cream, I can't believe how decadent I've become -- I don't even blink twice now when I pick up a quart of whipping cream at Costco.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

TWD: French Brownies

There's no picture of my brownies this week. I fell asleep and they baked for almost 3 hours! They didn't burn, but formed a thick crust on top and the rest sank into a chocolate mass that had an unpleasant texture -- not deliciously gooey like the pics I've seen in others' posts. I trashed them (you know they were bad when I won't take them to work).

I'll be out of town for the Berry Tart, but will be back the following week for the next TWD. And the next. I want to make sure I get my two posts for June!

I tried the instructions for automatic subscriptions to TWD -- wow! does that make it easier to review the posts. And I get to see what TWDers publish the rest of the week. It's an amazing, energetic group. The one "bake" I do wears me out.

I am always inspired by everyones' posts -- this is a talented group of people. The pictures are great and posts look like they were taken right out of a magazine. It's one thing to share what you bake with others as at treat for them -- very satisfying. But sharing with other bakers is a whole different experience and I look forward to it every week (even before I joined).